WELCOME to Sitapura Gems & Jewellery Industry Association (SGJIA)

JAIPUR ---- The Pink City !

Cradled between the Aravallis, this picturesque Indian city is the State Capital of Rajasthan.

Jaipur is a city of Art. It is known for its Architecture and Jewellery.

The city has always been associated with Royalty; the jewellery here has the same inclination. The designs are superb and have been praised world over. The colour stones set hand-crafted jewellery has been the forte of the Jaipur jewellery industry.

The city has had nimble fingers working out ornamental designs in floral and geometric motifs using Precious stones, Diamonds and beads encasing them in diamond crusted gold frames, strung with pearls, beads and delicate gold chains. It is only in Jaipur that every extravagant idea in art has been translated into reality in the form of Jewellery.

In fact, its always been the incredible interaction of intricate designs.

The Diamond is just one stone; while in Jaipur we also deal with hundreds of coloured stones.

In value terms, coloured gemstones account for only a small slice of global jewellery retail pie. They don’t have a slogan linking them to romance and, there isn’t any ‘big daddy’ organization promoting them.

Yet, coloured gemstones are an essential part of the global jewellery market. Their intrinsic value isn’t driven by any links to the relationships between men and women.

Nobody has mooted the idea of an emerald; ruby or sapphire being even remotely “forever” and nowhere does one consider these gemstones as being “the ultimate gift of love”.

Coloured gemstones sell simply because they look good.

In fact, selling coloured gemstones was and is akin to selling a dream, an illusion.

The world has seen our treasure of Colour stones; it has also witnessed our astonishing creations. And, from now onwards, be also prepared to watch our professionalism taking jewellery making to ever-rising heights. The new generation of jewellers is progressively plunging into international methodology of jewellery manufacturing. And, this is amply reflected in the Pink City’s increasing number of jewellery factories.

Jaipur has developed a new export hub focused on manufacturing gem-set jewellery at the Sitapura Industrial Area. Set up as an amalgam of two duty-free zones (SEZs) along with an industrial park (EPIP), the complex located, just 5 km. from Jaipur Airport, also houses a state-of-the-art Gold Refinery and Mint. Launched some three years ago, the Sitapura zone has really taken off in the past eighteen months. The two duty-free enclaves will, in a couple of years, have 240 units in production with an estimated turnover exceeding $ 900 million, and generating direct employment for nearly 100,000 people.

India is the third largest consumer of certified Diamonds. And, Jaipur has always been the centre for Coloured gemstones. Hence, the new and upcoming jewellery manufacturing units at Sitapura will have the inherent advantages in the manufacturing and sales of the Diamond and Coloured gemstones jewellery. The biggest advantage at Sitapura is that buyers can get a wide variety at one stop. ( Look up our Products Range ).

Ms. DONNA BAKER, President of The Gemological Institute of America ( GIA ), was in Jaipur in December, 2006, and, honoured the Jaipur jewellers fraternity by visiting the Sitapura Industrial Area. Her comments : “I also saw the ability in the designs to span the worldwide, global culture and tastes. So there was a lot of flexibility in their designs to be able to meet different markets. And then I saw some very good quality as well in the manufacturing. A couple of visits to the factories – and when you look at what they are doing with their new economic zones (at Sitapura), and the development of those factories, there is a very bright future, I believe.”

To take care of the various issues involved in any Industrial Area / Zone, the jewellery manufacturing units formed the Sitapura Gems & Jewellery Industry Association ( SGJIA ) in the year 2006. The SGJIA disseminates information on various subjects pertaining to the Gems and Jewellery trade including, but not limited to : Sources of Gems and Jewellery in and around Jaipur. Opening of Gems and Jewellery retail outlets in Jaipur. Setting up of Gems / Jewellery manufacturing units in Jaipur. Possibilities / capabilities in Jaipur to buy or to sell Gems and Jewellery. General information on the Gems and Jewellery trade worldwide. History of Indian Heritage focusing on Gems and Jewellery. Up to date central and state government policies, acts and regulations pertaining to the Gems and Jewellery Trade in India.

The SGJIA, since inception, is acting as a catalyst between the Industry and the Administration to showcase the Gems & Jewellery Trade in Jaipur, not as a Trade, but, as an Industry comparable to the best anywhere internationally.