The Code of Conduct articulates the standards of behavior expected of a member of the Association. All members are bound by this Code of Conduct.

This document defines the guiding principles which are expected to underpin all operations of our Association and all actions of our people.

Adherence to this code of conduct is expected to be modeled and reinforced at all time by the Members and Executive Members of the Association.

The Association is committed to uphold its value in all endeavors and shall partner with business associates who believe in and promote similar values.

Basic principles that members pledge to abide by:

  • Ensure that our actions do not cause harm to the interests of the Association, the industry, the community it represents and the society at large
  • Conduct ourselves with honesty and dignity
  • Be guided by the principles of fairness and non-discrimination in all our actions
  • Honor property rights, including intellectual, copyrights and patents
  • Respect the privacy of others
  • Honor confidentiality

Conduct with Fellow Members:

  • Deal and interact with fellow members in a positive, fair, courteous and professional manner
  • Respect the property rights, work results, confidential data and vendor-client relationship of fellow members
  • Do not engage in harmful, disparaging or predatory tactics
  • Desist from making efforts for obtaining secret information of another member or an act which may be considered espionage or spying
  • Avoid the practice of luring the employees of other members
  • If the employee of a member applies for job at another member organization, the latter member should obtain a verbal / written clearance from the former member-employer not only to enhance co-operation among members but also to have first hand information about the concerned employee

Conduct with Employees:

  • Offer fair and equal opportunities for the growth and development of employees. Provide relevant training and work towards constantly upgrading the skills of employees
  • Inform and educate employees about their obligation to respect confidential data and the disciplinary consequences of unauthorized disclosure and design / copyright violation

Conduct with Client:

  • Deal with clients in an ethical manner
  • Clearly and precisely express terms of agreement and fulfill them in good faith
  • Carry out work efficiently and promptly
  • Safeguard client's interests and confidentiality

Conduct with Public:

  • Use innovative technology as an instrument for social and economic good
  • Act as good corporate citizens and fulfill responsibilities towards the community