The SITAPURA INDUSTRIAL AREA, under the aegis of RIICO., is one of the most well-planned industrial areas in Rajasthan, and, very soon, will become a model industrial estate.

From the beginning, RIICO had the foresight to demarcate an area exclusively for the Gems & Jewellery Industry known popularly as the E.P.I.P. Jewellery Zone.

Looking at the demand of the Jewellery Trade for newer units, R.I.I.C.O. announced the establishment of S.E.Z. 1 and, S.E.Z. 2 Zones at Sitapura itself, and, work is fast apace for the development of these Zones.

Brief of the Association:

Details for the 03 Zones :-
Total Area 212030 sq.mts. 79515 sq. mts. 361748sq mts
Plots Area 116500 sq. mts. 43800 sq. mts. 199267sq mts
No. of Plots 76 51 189
Plot Sizes 1000; 1500; 500; 700; 500; 700;
( in sq. mts.) 2000; 4000 1000; 2000 1000;1500;
      2000; 4000
Units in Production 18 12 05
Approx. Employment 7500 ( collectively in 03 Zones )

Operational Performance of Members:

The two S.E.Z. Zones are slated to have approx. 230 units in production in the next couple of years aggregating an estimated turnover exceeding Rs. 4,000 crores, and, providing direct employment to nearly a lakh of persons.

Sitapura has been recognized as the fastest growing S.E.Z. in India, and this is amply reflected by the following turnover figures of the 02 S.E.Z.s over the last 04 years :

2004 2005 Rs. 5.43 crores
2005 2006 Rs. 22.86 crores
2006 2007 Rs. 178.63 crores
2007 2008 Rs. 407.35 crores